• Erika Argiolas


Forest of Resonating Lamp is a body immersive installation made by teamLab.

The body immersive installations are created through the use of digital art and material. The interaction between these two allows our bodies to fully immerse themselves in the atmosphere created through the artwork. The visitor's interaction within these installations is essential and the success of the latter is linked to interaction. In fact, intentional movements within this digital space or a second of the viewer's attitude within it can cause visual changes to the work of art.

Within immersive installations of the body, the subtle line between one's self and the work of art becomes ambiguous and almost disappears. In the interaction that is created between us, the surrounding space and the presence of other users can create changes in the shared world of the work of art. During this experience it is also possible to perceive and feel ourselves and others in the act of merging with the world and even transforming into one body.

This is the main purpose of the teamLab installations in Japan and it is what we see recreating in a certain sense with the installation Forest of resonating lamps.

A real forest of lamps invades the room, in a combination of colors that recall the spring colors of Kasane no Irome: Golden Kerria, Kerria Sprouts, Blue Kerria, Kerria Blossoms and Peach. Kasano no Irome (nuances of layered colors) were seasonal colors created in silk. The complicated colors were the result of a combination of front and back colors. At the time, the silk was so thin and delicate that the coating was transparent and the colors applied created overlapping, complex shades of color.

Inside Forest of resonating lamps we get lost in the immense texture of colors that our body generates when approaching one of the lamps. In fact, standing still and close to one of these, it will begin to shine brightly and emit a color that will actually resonate, expanding. That light will become the starting point of a domino of lights, spreading to the closest ones. The color transmitted by two neighboring lamps will share the same color with the other lamps, until all lamps shine brightly at least once, and then return to the first illuminated lamp.

The lamps made of Murano Glass (Venetian Glass) appear to be placed randomly inside the room, but in reality they follow a single connection line that can be traced. This type of arrangement means that a type of color that propagates corresponds to a particular person inside the room, thus becoming a starting point for this type of light show. If a light comes from the other side of the room, it means that there is someone else standing there. Visitors become aware of the presence of others in the same space.

The arrangement of the lamps is determined mathematically and in arranging them variants such as the distribution in height, the direction of the lamp and the smoothness of the three-dimensional path have been taken into account.

The display of the lamps is not only beautiful in a static way, but also in a dynamic way when activated by viewers. It demonstrates the space of a new era. The space is designed through digital technology and adapts to the movement of the people in it.

The spread of this light also gives a natural feeling, which seems casual. The luminous trajectory of the lamp, however, is inexorably linked by a single line, in turn connected to a human presence. This line that comes from a particular lamp, will always cross with a light that comes from another.

This demonstrates the space of a new era we live in that adapts and changes due to the movement of people within it.

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To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.