• Erika Argiolas


Banksy has claimed a brend new graffiti!

This time, we are in Bristol, and the title of the graffiti is Aachoo!!

What can I say, it seems that the graffiti is a more than coincidental representation of the year that is ending.

The graffiti depicts an old lady, with a headcarf, handbag and a walking cane, bending over in the act of a very strong sneeze, so much energetic that her dentures fly out of her mouth. Looking at this graffiti, probably your first reaction would not even be to say “bless you!”, but "put a mask on!!".

The act of sneezing has now become something that all of us, for better or for worse, fear and "Aachoo!" is just reminding us of the speed and ease with which Covid-19 have spread this year.

The graffiti is located on Vale Street, on the side of one of the houses in that area. Characteristic sloping street in the Totterdown suburb of Bristol. One of the steepest streets in England, so steep that the old lady's sneeze seems to make move or lean all the houses on the street.

The graffiti has been claimed as usual on Banksy's Instagram account, but the photos published have created a bit of gossip as there is a man posing with them, pretending to be swept away by the sneeze.

Obviously, various rumors began to circulate on the web that the man in the photos was Banksy, but nothing has been confirmed and perhaps this has only increased the circulation of the new graffiti. In short, one of the usual Banksy stunt.

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