My name is Erika, I am the curator of this blog and an art historian. After my bachelor's degree in Art History and Conservation of Artistic Heritage obtained in Cagliari, I decided to move to Venice where I studied for a Master's Degree in History of Arts focused on Contemporary Art. In Venice I had the opportunity to work in the world of art galleries by curating art exhibitions and working closely with tourists in important museums around the city. Today I live in London and  a series of events led me to the conclusion that one of the things I would find most beautiful and exciting to engage with, is artistic research and at the same time sharing culture contents with an audience that appreciates this topics as much as me.The blog, however, was born as a place where not only to find interesting subjects concerning contemporary art and art exhibitions in London or around the world, rather it would be also a source for all those who have cultural curiosities in general, with the aim of addressing completely different themes.I hope to find a good union between them and to make this blog interesting for all those who decide to visit it.